beta launch

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After 9 months of development, has grand-ceremoniously flipped the switch from alpha to beta. Here is an overview of the beta release features.

Killer GitHub integration

The workflow you may now enjoy is:

  • Login with your GitHub account
  • Select a repository that contains a Python package

One-click release

More sweet workflow:

  • Click a button to release to a test index, PyPI

Create packages through-the-web (with PasteScript)

There’s a lot of room for growth, but this feature is exciting even in its simplest form.

Dashboard o releases keeps track of your releases, using the same technology that powers the alpha release “package featuring” feature.

GitHub Organization support

But wait, there’s more. Paid plans (which have not been deployed yet) get access to GitHub organizations, whose repositories can then be “slotted” like normal. If you’d like to get started using the site, check out the crash course.

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