Mail Loop From Hell

Found in #django on freenode, Jul 12, 2012. All names are edited. 11:16 < abrt> since it’s quiet in here I’ll tell you a story. 11:16 < abrt> back in 1992, I had just graduated university and was interning at a government facility in newport news 11:16 < abrt> along with some friends from college. […]

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Pillow Moved to python-imaging Organization

On 7/30/2010 Pillow, the friendly PIL fork, was released. Since then, there have been a number of releases: $ vanity Pillow            Pillow-1.0.tar.gz     2010-07-31      800            Pillow-1.1.tar.gz     2010-08-01      652            Pillow-1.2.tar.gz     2010-08-02    1,987          2010-11-28      589          2010-11-28      587          2010-11-28      876          2010-12-01    6,706        2011-05-28      678        […]

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After 9 months of development, has grand-ceremoniously flipped the switch from alpha to beta. Here is an overview of the beta release features. Killer GitHub integration The workflow you may now enjoy is: Login with your GitHub account Select a repository that contains a Python package One-click release More sweet workflow: Click a button […]

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Server Side Templates and API Centric Development

We’re here to talk about the rise of the API-focused application, and how it interacts with templates for rendering HTML for web browsers. The simple point I hope to make is: you don’t necessarily need to use all client side templates in order to write an effective API-centric web application. I’ll do this by illustrating […]

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Goodbye WordPress, hi rstblog!

Since having switched from the PHP world to the Python world about 2 years ago, I thought about relaunching my Blog using Python instead of PHP. At first, I thought about creating an application with Django and PostgreSQL, but never really had the time and motivation to finally implement it. But today I stumbled over […]

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Things That Are Way Too Hard

When I went to university, I found myself studying Physics at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. This worked out very well for me: I can wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend St Andrews as a place to study. The School of Physics is chock-full of great teachers and researchers, and my understanding is that the […]

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The Ethics of Open Source

In my last post, I briefly mentioned that there is an ethical discussion in the software community about the relationship between ethics and free software. The crux of this ethical discussion is the relationship between software and civil liberties. Much of this discussion centres around the use of the word ‘free’; or, alternatively, the phrase […]

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