Git Yer Hooks In

Git, like all good source control systems, allows you to customise the behaviour of the SCM when certain actions occur. For lots of people in lots of projects it’s not vital to use these hooks, but from time-to-time you find yourself repeating the same commands time-and-again. In these scenarios, it is worth looking into setting […]

Read More pyformance 0.2 helps Python programmers package and release their software with just a few clicks. pyformance 0.2 recently processed it’s first official release via the new GitHub Service. As such, we are celebrating the release of pyformance 0.2! According to the author Omer Gertel: It’s a straight forward port of Coda Hale’s fantastic metrics package […]

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A Whistlestop Tour of Python Requests

Return to our regularly scheduled technical blogging, I’m going to give a quick overview of one of the software libraries I know best: Kenneth Reitz’s Requests library for the Python programming language. Since I started making minor (and I mean really minor) contributions to the library, I’ve become increasingly familiar with its use and utility, […]

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Codec Confusion in Python

Alright, I admit Alex Gaynor is a pretty clever guy but I was very close to strangling him today for this tweet: @alex_gaynor: WTF does str.encode or unicode.decode even do on Python2? And that’s because on the way to Python 3 these functions were removed because they cause confusion with people, but this broke a […]

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Opalescent Olympics

Author’s Note: I’m taking a break from writing about tech to write about sports. Any readers who aren’t interested should wait until next week, when I sort-of-promise to write about the Python Requests library. Australian Opals enjoying their Bronze Medal victory. Image courtesy of The 2012 Summer Olympics are coming to a close. As […]

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Mail Loop From Hell

Found in #django on freenode, Jul 12, 2012. All names are edited. 11:16 < abrt> since it’s quiet in here I’ll tell you a story. 11:16 < abrt> back in 1992, I had just graduated university and was interning at a government facility in newport news 11:16 < abrt> along with some friends from college. […]

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Pillow Moved to python-imaging Organization

On 7/30/2010 Pillow, the friendly PIL fork, was released. Since then, there have been a number of releases: $ vanity Pillow            Pillow-1.0.tar.gz     2010-07-31      800            Pillow-1.1.tar.gz     2010-08-01      652            Pillow-1.2.tar.gz     2010-08-02    1,987          2010-11-28      589          2010-11-28      587          2010-11-28      876          2010-12-01    6,706        2011-05-28      678        […]

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After 9 months of development, has grand-ceremoniously flipped the switch from alpha to beta. Here is an overview of the beta release features. Killer GitHub integration The workflow you may now enjoy is: Login with your GitHub account Select a repository that contains a Python package One-click release More sweet workflow: Click a button […]

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