A Simple Printer of Nested Lists

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A rant

Do you ever get the urge to kill? How many of us cringe whenever we see these words? Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time developing pythonpackages.com, (now running on heroku!) during which time I see a lot of these kinds of packages being released.

I kid about the killing part, but seriously: this is a problem. Fortunately for us, our PyPI overloads see fit to occasionally remove these packages, and for this I am grateful.

I mean it makes me dance-around-the-room happy! Ahem. But are they really all gone? Close enough. A quick crate.io search now shows only 2 packages instead of 4 pages of results.

Hallelujah! But is this the best we can do? I know that some well-meaning person wrote a book containing the example that is leading some poor, misguided souls to spam PyPI (if only the author listed the test site instead: http://testpypi.python.org/pypi). And I have to assume that this was just some terrible mistake. But do we all have to live with this mistake?

I’m asking because I honestly don’t know the answer. I remember when I started pythonpackages.com, the Deliverance documentation was being updated something like every 5 minutes (kidding again, but it was frequent enough to be annoying). After grousing about it in public, it stopped happening!

I wonder if some good natured grousing about our friends (read: enemies) the simple printers of nested lists will do the same?

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