Data Science Things Roudup #11

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Once again time for the data science things roundup, a few links of articles or projects I've stumbled across and found interesting. This is the 11th one in the extremely irregular series, so if you think it's cool, check out some of the others:

This time we've got quite a diverse set of links, so without any more delay:

Keynote Address At the SEC-Rock Center on Corporate Governance Silicon Valley Initiative

This is a kind of wordy one, it's a transcript from address given by SEC Chair Mary Jo White at Stanford to the broader startup/tech/VC community from the perspective of the SEC. If you're in the startup world, and have exposure to the finance side of things, it's an interesting read into the environment your financiers are operating in. Check it out here.

An introduction to inference

An introduction to inference is Vincent Warmerdam's very graphical intro to basic bayesian inference. It's a pretty succinct and gentle introduction, which I found quite nice. Check it out here.


Altair is a declarative python interface to Vega, a statistical visualization engine.  If you've ever burned a day trying to get matplotlib to just do what you want, this might be a more user-centric alternative. Check it out here.

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